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Allen-Bradley "Silver Series" Hardware Replacement

     Many Allen-Bradley PLC's, I/O cards, and Panelview HMI's currently in use in your
     production process may soon be unavailable for repair or replacement.  When Allen-Bradley
     can no longer produce a product, it is placed on their "Silver Series" retirement program
     allowing users time to purchase spares and develop a plan to migrate to more current products.

     To assist our customers with the replacement of Allen-Bradley Silver Series components,
     we offer the following services:

        - Identify which of your components are on the Silver Series retirement list.
        - Develop a cost effective migration plan that assesses the practicality of stockpiling spares
          vs. replacement with newer control components or systems.
        - Preliminary engineering, including high level scope/cost/schedule, and remediation plan.
        - Project management, including cost estimate, appropriation request, scope of work,
          competitive bidding, and project scheduling.
        - Software conversion of existing PLC/HMI applications to new hardware platform.
        - Installation, startup and commissioning support

     Common Silver Series Questions and Answers:

        Q: Does this mean we will have to replace a lot of devices?
        A: The short answer is "yes".  The PLC-5 series of programmable logic controllers and the
        original Panelview family of HMI's, have been the backbone of Allen-Bradley's offerings for
        over 25 years.  Eventually, both the PLC and related I/O cards will need replacement.
        Allen-Bradley sells kits that minimize the conversion time in the field by allowing the reuse of
        older style I/O card wiring arms with newer Logix hardware in order to avoid re-terminating
        all of the I/O and field wiring.  Panelview HMI's are also affected and should be included in
        any comprehensive upgrade plan.

        Q: Are equivalent "drop-in" replacements available for Silver Series devices?
        A: Not really.  The A-B Logix replacements for the PLC-5 are physically smaller and use different
        power supplies, I/O racks, and I/O cards.

        Q: Will we have to install new I/O racks or build new control cabinets?
        A: Allen-Bradley offers a conversion kit for their PLC I/O racks.  Since the conversion takes up
        roughly the same footprint as an older I/O rack, no new cabinet is required in most cases.  The
        newer Panelview Plus family of HMI's have a smaller cutout size than the original Panelview's,
        and can be retrofitted to existing cabinets by using a filler plate.

        Q: Would it make sense to switch to a different controls manufacturer?
        A: Allen-Bradley is the standard control system platform in most production facilities in the
        United States.  Switching to a different manufacturer would result in higher program conversion,
        installation, and training costs.

        Q: What about software compatibility?  Can I reuse my existing applications?
        A: Older PLC programs require conversion in order to run on the newer Logix PLC's. Although
        there are free conversion programs available from Allen-Bradley, they generally will not fully
        convert the original application.  In most cases, a thorough line-by-line review and simulation of
        the converted code is required.

        Q: Can I reuse my existing DH+ and Remote I/O communication networks?
        A: In most applications, your communication network should be upgraded to Ethernet.  Most
        industries have been gravitating towards the Ethernet communications standard for a number
        of years.

        Q: Will my existing data collection system need to be upgraded?
        A: Yes.  The flexible data tables used in the new Logix PLC's will invalidate the addressing
        references used by your existing data collection system.  Although your data collection
        hardware and reporting can be reused, the addressing scheme will need to be updated.

        Q: How much downtime will a typical conversion require?
        A: If the conversion is "staged" and managed properly, there should be no interruption in
        scheduled production.

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